St. Michael’s Hospital receives $30 million for new patient tower

On September 19th, we announced a $30 million gift to St. Michael’s Hospital, the single largest donation in the hospital’s 122-year history.  The gift will go toward construction of a new patient care tower for critically ill patients at St. Michael’s Hospital. St. Michael’s Hospital is very unique in its offering.  As a number one trauma centre it cares for some of the sickest and most critical patients in the biggest city in the country.

“This generous donation by Peter Gilgan will transform patient care at St. Michael’s Hospital and help us achieve our goal of becoming the premier critical care hospital in Canada,” said Dr. Robert Howard, the hospital’s president and CEO.

Critical care services focus on patients with time-sensitive conditions, often life-threatening and of sudden onset, delivered throughout the hospital, including intensive care units. Critical care requires a highly skilled and experienced team of health care providers as well as advanced technical equipment to save lives, control symptoms or provide palliative care, while bringing compassionate support to patients and families, often at end-of-life planning.

“With this new patient care tower, we will have the right space and the right equipment to provide the best care in Canada for critically ill patients,” Dr. Howard said.

Highlights of the 250,000-square-foot tower include:

Five new purpose-built, state-of-the-art operating rooms designed to incorporate medical imaging equipment such as MRIs, CT scanners and X-rays. Having imaging equipment built into an OR allows surgeons do to more minimally invasive procedures, which are less traumatic to patients and require shorter hospital stays

Two new ICUs, a general ICU and one for coronary patients

All in-patient rooms in the new tower will be single rooms, providing more privacy for patients and better infection control. Every room will have natural light, which has been shown to promote overall health and reduce falls.

Every room will have dedicated comfortable space for families, to involve them in patient care, leading to better outcomes.