Funding Priorities

Our funding priorities outline the causes we support to further our mission and vision. Through our Grant Program you can apply for funds for charitable initiatives in the following three areas.

1. Children, Youth & Families

We support charities that equip children, youth, and families with skills, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential. 

We prioritize:

  • Programs supporting low-income populations
  • Efforts to target root causes of problems and not just address the symptoms
  • Comprehensive, integrated solutions rather than fragmented approaches or isolated interventions
  • Leadership representative of the people most directly affected by the problems we seek to solve
  • A commitment and willingness to ongoing evaluation and learning in order to improve and increase impact

Our grants empower organizations that enable economically vulnerable young people and families to overcome barriers to academic success, economic prosperity, and health and wellbeing.

2. Environment & Sustainability

We believe that environmental reform is both an absolute necessity and an enormous opportunity for economic growth.

Large-scale national and international efforts to slow climate change require adjustments to public policy and business practices, and a move away from fossil fuels as a major source of energy. To meet this challenge, we all must work towards a comprehensive climate solution.

Our environment and sustainability grants support renewable and low-emission solutions, education and public awareness, green development, and communities.

3. International Development

In addition to empowering positive impact for ‘Children, Youth & Families’ and ‘Environment & Sustainability’ across Canada, we hope to do the same in developing countries. Here we look for partner organizations with a proven track record of demonstrated success in effecting these changes while improving the lives of those they seek to serve. 

We prioritize the following themes addressing health and wellbeing, education and economic opportunities, and climate change.