New Oakville Hospital gets $10 million

In October 2011, on the future site of the new Oakville hospital, we announced the hospital’s first pacesetting donation of $10 million.  The new Oakville Hospital will take healthcare in Oakville to a new level. Situated on a 50-acre site, located at Third Line and Dundas Street, the new Hospital will be more than double the current size of the current facility to meet the urgent needs of our community’s growing and aging population.  Designed to provide a new family approach to patient care, eighty percent of the 324 rooms will be single-patient. This not only reduces the infection, it also enhances patient privacy and comfort. The facility will support family involvement by including amenities such as family rooms, lounges, shower facilities, kitchenettes, retail, and much more.  In addition, the new hospital will be on the leading edge of design and environmental sustainability and set a new benchmark for healthcare services in a community hospital.

The benefits will be far-reaching, most immediately for Oakville residents who will have access to the personalized care that we have always valued close to home, but within an innovative centre for medical excellence.