WE Expands Into Tanzania with the Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Peter Gilgan Foundation is proud to be supporting WE’s model of international development, addressing the primary causes of poverty with holistic and sustainable solutions.

Our partnership with WE began in 2014 when the Foundation committed to ‘Adopt a Village’ in Irikaat, Kenya. We witnessed the transformative power of WE Villages’ 5 pillars of sustainability: Education, Water, Health, Food, and Opportunity.

In 2015, we became the founding partner for Free the Children’s WE Villages expansion into Tanzania. By partnering with Maasai communities in the region, Free the Children is delivering:

  • Increased primary school enrollment, retention, and graduation, especially among girls
  • Improved quality of education, both in the physical environment and the pedagogical experience
  • Increased access to clean water and sanitation, as the community moves from 0% of households with access to 100%
  • Decreased incidences of preventable diseases and illness, thanks to improved health education, proper sanitation, and nutrition programming
  • New and sustainable sources of income through business and financial literacy training, village savings and loans groups, and partnering to find new business opportunities

Through to 2020 we are supporting the development of The Gilgan Family Leadership Centre in Tanzania, which will empower young people with leadership skills, educational volunteer experiences, increased awareness about regional issues, and commitment to active global citizenship. The Gilgan Family Leadership Centre and mobile camp will accommodate on average 1,000 young participants each year.