Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House

Peter Gilgan helped build the first Wellspring house in 2000 as a warm and friendly community place to gather for people living with cancer. Sadly ten years later the Centre was in desperate need of expanded facilities to service the growing community of cancer patients and families.  Cancer rates were climbing in the area as the population grew so more individuals and their families were walking through the doors searching for information and support.

With significant donations from Oakville resident Betty Birmingham and Peter Gilgan the new Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House reopened its doors in Oakville in 2012. More than double its size, the new House provided Wellspring with purpose built program areas for art therapy and children’s programming and new and expanded programs in a new teaching kitchen and a full Money Matters Resource Centre.  In addition they created an expanded exercise facility to allow greater access to our 30 week Cancer Exercise program.  Special attention has been paid to “green” construction principles in order to create as energy efficient and toxic free environment as possible.  The new Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan can and will continue to provide important program for the women, men, and children living with cancer today and tomorrow.