COVID-19 Response

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the Peter Gilgan Foundation allocated $4.775 million to an emergency response. Funds were deployed in three phases.

Phase 1: React and ResearchSt. Michael’s Hospital Medical Testing$3,275,000
Phase 2: ReliefFood Scarcity Relief$850,000
Phase 3: RebuildCommunity-Based Rebuild$650,000
Total COVID-19 Response$4,775,000

Phase 1: React and Research

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario struggled to reach the desired levels of testing, a critical tool to facilitate understanding and controlling the disease. $3.275 million was directed to St. Michael’s Hospital to purchase a Perkin Elmer Chemagic Extractor testing machine, as well as six months worth of reagent material. This purchase enabled the hospital to increase daily testing by 400 patients and become a provincial leader. Additionally, this funding was leveraged in a matching campaign, resulting in an additional $3 million raised for St. Michael’s.

Phase 1 Funding Recipient:

St. Michael’s Hospital$3,275,000

Phase 2: Relief

As the economic turmoil continued to unfold through March and April 2020, food bank usage skyrocketed. Depending on the region, food banks saw an increase in demand between 40%-60%. Countless Canadians were suddenly finding themselves facing severe food scarcity.

$850,000 was distributed between seven best-in-class food banks across Canada. Funding was completely unrestricted, meaning it could be used for whatever the organization deemed a priority. Some funding was used to purchase food, some for emergency infrastructure and distribution, and some to avoid laying off staff. Multiple organizations also launched successful matching campaigns.

Phase 2 Funding Recipients:

Community Food Centres Canada – The Alex $50,000
Daily Bread Food Bank$150,000
Food Banks Alberta$150,000
Halton Food For Life$50,000
Mississauga Food Bank$150,000
Ottawa Food Bank$150,000
Second Harvest$150,000

Phase 3: Rebuild

The final $650,000 was distributed between 41 community-based charities in June 2020. Recognizing that the social and economic consequences of COVID-19 are disproportionately affecting youth, women, Indigenous peoples, and racialized communities, Phase 3 funding was provided to organizations both serving and led by these groups.

Many community-based charities are facing significant and immediate drops in fundraising revenue, but these organizations will be essential to the rebuild as we emerge from the crisis. Phase 3 support provided unrestricted funding to grassroots charities delivering community development and economic opportunities, and striving for a more equal, just, and sustainable world.

Phase 3 Funding Recipients:

Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary$25,000
ACORN Institute Canada$10,000
Alberta Network for Immigrant Women $10,000
Alexandra Park Community Centre$10,000
Black Business and Professional Association $25,000
Business in the Streets$10,000
Canadian Native Friendship Centre$25,000
CEE – Centre for Young Black Professionals$25,000
Christie Refugee Welcome Centre$10,000
Coalition of Community Houses$25,000
Community Action Resource Centre$10,000
Community Laundry Co-operative $10,000
Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta$10,000
Creating Hope Society $10,000
Delta Family Resource Centre$25,000
East Scarborough Storefront $25,000
Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council$10,000
Heartwood House$10,000
Immigrant Women Services Ottawa$10,000
Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre$25,000
Making Changes$10,000
Matthew House Ottawa$10,000
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto$10,000
Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto$25,000
Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto$25,000
Odawa Native Friendship Centre$25,000
Parents of Black Children – York Region$10,000
Peel Aboriginal Network Indigenous Friendship Centre$25,000
Scadding Court Community Centre$10,000
Social Planning Council of Ottawa $25,000
Success Beyond Limits$10,000
Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre$25,000
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council$25,000
True North Aid$10,000
Trust 15 Youth Community Support Organization $10,000
Up With Women$10,000
Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth $25,000
Weston King Neighbourhood Centre$10,000
Women’s Centre of Calgary $10,000